October 14th, 8:59pm

Yesterday we met Diver Ed, a member of the League of Underwater Superheroes. He told us to come find him in the house with the grey truck, an Island Explorer bus, and a covered boat in the yard. He didn’t tell us his front door was red & teal, with a porthole.

He’s developed a unique and surprisingly personal Dive-in Theater business that he operates with his wife. As a student at the College of the Atlantic, Ed took an Outreach Education course, where he brought marine animals to teach kids to identify these animals firsthand. But Ed wanted to show them more, “because a sea cucumber out of the water is just a big shiny ball.” He outfitted his boat with a 75” HD TV screen, which would show a live feed from his video camera during his dive, so visitors could see the real-life behaviors of a sea cucumber, “breathing and pooping and stuff.”

In addition to the business, Ed was busy building a boat, dives as often as he can, and was heading up to Canada this weekend to take part in an underwater zombie survival course.

If you are ever in Bar Harbor, be sure to hop aboard the Starfish Enterprise with Diver Ed. You can find more information here