October 17th, 1:59am

Last evening, the Jesup Memorial Library, located in downtown Bar Harbor, invited us to host a Campfire Stories night for their community.

They kindly supplied the fixings for s’mores (including perfectly whittled sticks) and even a fire permit for having a campfire out front of the library, an essential document as we are nearing the anniversary of a catastrophic fire that burned over 17,000 acres of Mount Desert Island on October 17, 1947.

We asked attendees to bring and share their favorite stories to tell around a fire but instead we found an audience hungry to hear stories from us. We shared several stories, including a Wabanaki legend (the native people of Mount Desert Island) and a ballad by local writer Ruth Moore, which led to conversations around fishing, conservation, individual experiences and connections to nature, and connecting youth to the outdoors.

While we were initially excited about the opportunity to collect stories from the community, this experience ultimately validated what we’re working towards—people wantCampfire Stories’.