October 20th, 12:03pm

Jack Russell is a writer, community organizer, local historian, and co-chair of the Acadia Centennial celebration. He invited us into his beautiful home at the top of Echo Lake to see if, as a writer who is also writing about Mount Desert Island, he could offer any assistance.

Jack offered his perspective as someone who was born on the island, was educated here, and has returned here after working in Detroit’s city government for many years. He spoke to us about the process a historian takes to find exact truth, and challenged us to consider our process.  

But he found solidarity with us in our effort to write, and to represent well, the region and the park. He shared this poetic, but also matter of fact thought: 

“When you die your atoms are re-purposed. And I like the poetry of that conceit. My book is my attempt to leave something that has some temporal permanence from the particular configuration of atoms that I was. I hope it will be valuable to some others.”