October 24th, 3:58pm

George Neptune is a member of the Passamaquoddy tribe at Indian Township. His lifelong practice as a basketmaker brought him to the Abbe Museum, as an educator, curator, and storyteller. 

The Wabanaki are a Native American confederacy of five principal Nations, and are the native people of Acadia. They have no migration nor removal story, but are often overlooked in the retelling of Acadia’s history. Here, George sits next to a depiction of Glooskap, a central figure of many Wabanaki stories.

We first met George at our workshop, where he was overflowing with tales and recommendations for this place. When we stopped by the museum, he gave us a tour of the collections and an exhibition he had curated. We couldn’t have asked for a more generous guide to the Wabanaki history and culture.