July 21st, 10:41pm

As one of the largest education program partners of the park, NatureBridge works with students to develop team-building and leadership skills, using Yosemite National Park as their very own classroom. This campus is their oldest and largest, and NatureBridge has big plans for a brand new, platinum LEED campus. 

Near the El Portal office, we sat down by the Merced River with Reed Schneider, Director of Education, to learn more about the program and what it’s like to live in Yosemite. After graduating in Nova Scotia, Reed’s passion for outdoor education brought him all over, to eventually land in Yosemite. He leads a team of 40 educators to teach social and emotional learning. He described one class through the “spider caves,” a network of caves created by fallen rock, which requires clear communication from students to navigate safely. 

 With the water rushing by at our feet, Reed points out his favorite afternoon swimming spot and describes how the park has an endless well of things to do. Spring in the foothills is a very special place—the land blanketed with beautiful, lush green and wildflowers. And although the Yosemite Valley can sometimes be a zoo, it’s special to hear 4-5 languages being spoken around you: Yosemite brings the world to you.