July 24th, 5:28pm

Last night, we hosted a ‘Campfire Stories Night’ at the Rush Creek Lodge to ring in their one month grand opening anniversary! The property was nearly destroyed in the devastating Rim Fire of 2013 but was fortunately saved, becoming the first resort to open in the Yosemite region in over 25 years!

Thanks to the organization of Rush Creek’s staff and the free s’mores, we had a great turnout to share stories from the infamous John Muir, legendary naturalist and ranger William Neely, local poets, and Miwok legends about the creation of El Capitan and Half Dome. 

We also asked the audience to share with us why they chose to come to Yosemite, and if they had any campfire stories to share themselves. We heard a lot from the kiddos in the audience, who asked lots of good questions (especially about bears) and one really moving story from a young man who on a long hike to Hetch Hetchy, had a profound moment of realization – and “one of the most beautiful things” he ever saw – when he looked out and thought about how all of that land was there every day, protected for him and protected from becoming a highway or a shopping mall.