August 4th, 9:12pm

Graciously, Yellowstone Park Ranger Amy Rether agreed to meet with us after her shift, and just before she went chasing waterfalls on the Wolf Lake trail. Amy has been an interpretive ranger in the Canyon Village area for the past two summers, originally having studied Parks, Recreation, and Tourism in Environmental Education - a perfect fit!

Her insight into the Yellowstone communities was invaluable and a great view behind the scenes. In a park so large (up to 3 hours driving end to end), it’s divided into three districts and park employees are offered housing in the different areas. As a ranger, Amy is excited to work with so many great colleagues, and meet so many visitors from all over the world. Working in the Grand Canyon area, a canyon that’s often 4000 feet wide and 1200 feet deep, has helped her confront and overcome her fear of heights.

She also clued us into some hidden aspects of the park. Like the big horse round-up & parade in Gardiner, MT each summer. Or the Christmas celebrations on August 28, where all the hotels decorate with lights and sing carols. And that each year, many of the boardwalks built over the geysers and hot springs need to be moved to accommodate the movements of the active volcano below. But Ranger Amy would like you to know that there’s no evidence that the volcano is going to blow up. And to be careful of the big animals, because, as she says, she “wants you to go home with awesome memories, not awesome scars.” Noted.