August 22nd, 2:30pm

Although now retired, Bob Richard still gives the occasional tour with the guiding company he founded, Grubsteak Expeditions. And what a great way to see it, with a guide whose enthusiasm for the park is renewed with every visit. His stories go back four generations to his great grandfather, who began guiding in Yellowstone in 1906. His grandfather proposed to his grandmother at the Lake Hotel, and recently, he renewed his own vows at the same hotel - the most romantic spot in Yellowstone.

As a photographer, historian, guide, and pilot, Bob considers Yellowstone to be “his backyard.” It’s no mistake he was asked to be Yellowstone’s first frontcountry horse park ranger in 1956. He stresses the importance of the Langford, Washburn & Doane Expedition, who after their visit in 1870, recommended preservation over use of the Yellowstone lands to Congress. Becoming a National Park in 1872 ensured visitors the chance to enjoy a land with incredibly diverse opportunities for enjoyment.

If you only have half a day, Bob recommends that you charter a flight, or extend your visit. At 2.2 million acres, you’ll learn something new with every visit.