August 22nd, 2:50pm

So many friends said if we’re in Yellowstone, why not also visit the neighboring Grand Tetons? So we did!

Those mountains. We’ve been looking upon such ranges for 3 months now, and still, that view stopped us. The Grand Teton Range is the youngest of the Rocky Mountain formation - roughly 10 million years old. It’s those jagged youthful peaks, not yet worn down by erosion, that gives the Teton’s its signature look. And Jackson Hole, although unaffordable for these two campers, charmed us with great food and a great vibe (as well as shootout theater) around town.

But here, we recall a word of warning from a recent interview: “Beware anyone who claims to be an expert of all the National Parks.” Each place has a unique history, both known and unknown, and a unique mix of explorers and settlers that shape the character of any place. John D. Rockefeller, donor to so many wild lands, is again present here, but in an entirely different way than in Yellowstone.

While we’ve enjoyed our visit, it is with great respect to both places that we focus our time in Yellowstone. We hope we will have an opportunity in the future to uncover the campfire stories of Grand Teton National Park!