March 15th, 4:30pm

March 2017 Updates

We have some Campfire Stories updates to share with you, but perhaps the most exciting is the arrival of our daughter, Lula June Kyu, born on January 18, 2017! Weighing 5lb 12oz, she already understands the importance of packing light, and we think that all the fresh air from the National Parks this summer seems to have done her good. She’s a beautiful little lady and our best souvenir from our trip.


Over the last several months, we’ve also made the difficult decision to transition to a new nonprofit publisher. This decision was not made lightly, and we are enormously grateful for the opportunity to have worked with The Head & the Hand Press to launch this project. Working on Campfire Stories has been a learning process for both of us and, ultimately, we agreed that a more seasoned publisher would be better able to support our goal of delivering the best version of the book possible.

And we are THRILLED to announce our new publisher! Mountaineers Books is an independent, nonprofit publisher based in Seattle, whose titles contribute to their mission of outdoor advocacy and conservation, including support of the National Parks. We were fortunate to have been introduced by one of our Kickstarter backers, and feel that they are a perfect fit for Campfire Stories.


This publisher transition does, however, mean a few changes:


First, working with Mountaineers Books guarantees much wider national distribution and sales of the book nationally. This means you, your friends and family will be able to find and buy the book  more easily once it’s published!


Second, we are now expecting a Fall 2018 release of the finished book. Working with a more established publisher means we need to work within their production calendar. While we were anxious to get the book ready for Lula’s first camping season, we’re even more excited and confident about the end result working with Mountaineers Books going forward. Their team understands our vision, and their suggestions for best practices in editing, production, printing, and distribution are going to result in a better book overall.


Due to this delay, we’re offering a quarterly Campfire Newsletter featuring bonus content beyond updates and announcements to whet your appetite for our own forthcoming book! Between now and book publication in Fall 2018, we will send you six newsletters—one for each of the six National Parks researched for the book—which will share one favorite story that will either be or just missed being in the final book, as well as updates on our progress and other news. If you’re interested in keeping tabs on the book, sign up using the link in the upper right of your screen. We will be sending out our first newsletter with an Acadia National Park story this Spring 2017!

We cannot thank you enough for your continued support and for your patience and understanding as we take these exciting next steps for Campfire Stories.

With Love,
Dave, Ilyssa, and Lula