July 20th, 7:18pm

Our thoughts go out to our friends in Mariposa, CA, as the Detwiler fire grows and threatens the town.

We talked to many Mariposa residents while searching for stories in Yosemite National Park. A common theme was the potential for the landscape to change in an instant. A rockslide, a major rainstorm, a fire: the natural world has the potential to create unpredictable change. In cities, we manage the land by laying concrete, creating stormwater drains to take water away, or placing netting over loose rocks. To live in a place as beautiful as Mariposa is to accept the wildness of the natural world. To accept it and to experience it are two vastly different things.

We’re so glad to hear that the towns have been evacuated, and that the residents are safe. We hope that the fire, by the effort of firefighters or by sheer luck, will spare Mariposa.