July 17th, 8:03pm

We are excited to share our next adventure with you, Amble—a program for creative professionals to take sabbaticals in beautiful places.

Amble provides creatives with affordable and unique lodging for one month in exchange for providing their time and skills working with nonprofits, conservancies and smalls towns who otherwise don’t have access to creative services, financially or geographically. We are piloting the program in Yosemite National Park with the Yosemite Conservancy and Mariposa Arts Council this November, and today Ilyssa (quietly) launched a campaign on iFundWomen.

We wanted to give our followers early access to some of the limited rewards before the campaign goes public next week! Whether you need help creating a Squarespace website, are looking for feedback on a project, or seeking a really neat print of Yosemite for that blank space on your wall—there are pretty unique rewards and services we’re offering to help fund our campaign and launch this new business.


If you are a creative professional who might be interested in participating in the pilot this November, we are accepting applications until July 27th—that’s 10 days from now, so don’t miss out! Learn more at amblethere.com/upcoming